The Research

victor jacobs grave.jpeg
Harry's Father's Burial Site
malka jacobs grave.jpeg
Harry's Mother's Burial Site

When crafting A Peddlers Journey, I needed to get inside the head of Harry Jacobs.  What made him tick? Why did he do the things he did?  Was he kind? How did he treat his family and how did they treat him? His motivations, personality and determination.

This was an absolute must before bringing his 60 year old story alive.  The next challenge was to stay as pure to his written words as possible, but being a first generation American and not being a writer we needed to polish his words.  Also fact checking was vital as a 72 year old memory can be prone to stretching of the truth.  However, as we researched, we found that Harry understated his accomplishments!  Through a 3 year long research program using, our My Heritage extensive family tree and words from his living grand children we were able to find so much more about Harry.  

As time went on, and technology allowed more data to flow, further stories unfolded not in his book, or as a simple sentence that had to make it into his journey.  Dinner with 2 Presidents, made an honorary Colonel, friends with Senators, Governors and so many stories were uncovered.

We hope you find Harry's story as compelling as we had.

We will blog more pictures and stories!

Jeffrey Slater